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“Razib Khan’s two part essay on Indian history is brilliant. While it’s long for a blog post, you’ll learn more about India than you would in many full length books.”

-Scott Sumner

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-Carlos D. Bustamante, Ph.D., MacArthur Genius

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Unsupervised Learning is another little island of open discussion, difficult but important conversations, deeper reflection, the odd dangerous idea and of course, unsupervised (and rigorously uncensored) learning.

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I’d roll back the internet to the golden days when Twitter was peopled by the technorati 1% in a heartbeat if that was an option. For now, I hope to come as close as possible to the cognoscenti-only early days of blogging and its commentariat behind this paywall.

Your engagement over my nearly two decades of blogging (and a few podcasting), your incisive comments, inside tips, reading suggestions, subtweets, friendly needling and your friendships have kept me honest and sustained me in my heresy.

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